Count down to summer!

So, as the sun sets over (rainy) England, I’m beginning to become more and more excited about summer and the fun it could bring! Emphasis on the “could” that mainly depends on the weather, which so far has been not so surprisingly crap. (Hmm global warming, eh?) But as the title says, its the count down to summer, so I have one week left at school and in year 10. This got me thinking about all that has happened in a year. Well, nothing much, really. So I thought about the (hopefully) easy week ahead of me! Films and fun, and I’ve been promised cake! Although the cake is for my birthday! And, yes its my 15th birthday, I am 14, I lied on an online profile! :O No one has ever done THAT before!

Well, until tomorrow, fellow bloggers/blog readers!

Rob 🙂


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