That is not a reason to use YOLO!

I’ve noticed  a lot recently that everyone is using YOLO as an excuse to do stupid things (e.g. Smoking,drinking..) and it confuses me. You Only Live Once means that you try hard at school and succeed in life to that it is worth living. I understand the idea of drinking and have done so myself, but never to the extent that I can’t remember the previous night! Why would you want to be so dunk that you can’t remember the reason why your drinking! And I’m not going to bother talking about smoking as the effects are well known, but what shocked me the most was that I heard a year 9 girl call her fried a “pussy” because she hadn’t done drugs! That shocked me, how are 13/14 year old girls getting hold of DRUGS!

Please make the most of your life, but in the right way!

Rob 🙂